Empowering & supporting impact entrepreneurs

AFI Factory is a 6-12 months accelerator program designed to boost your traction and company’s impact in order to maximize your odds of successfully raising your first financing round. We provide continuous strategic advisory combined with in-house impact expertise that will help you structure your early days as an impact start-up.

Joining AFI Factory, you can expect to leverage a large network of mentors including successful entrepreneurs, all of them being qualified in a given field, ranging from HR to Finance or even Marketing. Part of our program also includes a dedicated session with AFI’s very own seed fund: AFI ventures.

A unique value proposition

Fast-track your early days as an impact company thanks to our in-house expertise

Anticipate the crucial stages of fundraising (core competencies, understanding the ecosystem, connections with investors)

Prepare your company to scale through continuous mentorship & impact assessement

What’s in the program ?

Strategic and financial mentoring:

Individualized support by an experienced entrepreneur or an investment expert on operational and strategic issues

Collective training:

Collective time and training sessions to acquire the basic skills before approaching investors (bootcamp, workshop, etc.) 

Coordination with La Ruche:

Monthly diagnosis with an Acceleration Manager to monitor the progress of your project and adapt the program to your changing needs 


Access to a community of entrepreneurs and a network of partner investors during simulation sessions (financial, legal, investor pitch sessions, etc.)


20 hours of coaching by our recognized experts on all strategic and operational needs (HR structuring, legal, commercial and financial strategy, communication, etc.) 

Structuring growth:

Post-funding support if it occurs before 12 months

More informations about the program in our FAQ

They have been accelerated:

Ready to take your impact to the next stage and join AFI Factory ?