Eco-friendly solution that digitalizes paper receipts

Eco-design tool for commercial and domestic buildings

The first offer of reusable cardboard boxes for businesses and private individuals

Recycled paint manufacturing

The market gardener all-in-one app

Recruitment firm specialized in streetsourcing of atypical profiles

Recipe composition solution allowing anyone to cook with what they have in their kitchen

Network of responsible real estate agencies

Empowering anyone to finance and develop impact projects around the world

Live learning with world-class leaders

The first real estate agency that guarantees energy performance over time.

Solution optimizing the process of responding to calls for tenders, reducing the paperwork

Training platform for African talents

Platform connecting generations for leisure activities at home or outdoors

The first collaborative platform specialized in online rental of educational games and materials

Improve the well-being and health of people over 65 with modular solutions

The positive leadership coach

Ultra-nutritious and delicious food flours made from plants, vegetables and superfoods

Rental of complete, convertible and circular office spaces

Refillable shower gel that can be reused over and over again

Neo Earth specializes in the development of high-yield microalgae strains

Carbon Score allowing anyone to compare hundreds of existing products

Remote first tech school

Toasty makes responsible consumption simple, accessible and fun

Solution offering a second life to plastic waste

Agroforestry plantations in arid environments using water desalination

SmartVrac designs automated devices to simplify bulk purchasing in shops

Eco-responsible houses & buildings from recycled maritime containers

Solustone allows homeowners to free up their home equity

The linking platform for eco-responsible events

App that brings together hundreds of eco-responsible brands and consumers

Connecting suppliers and retailers for a circular economy

Low-carbon and collaborative mobility solution

 Parcel recovery platform between neighbors

Environmental impact calculator for food