The rise of a new generation of entrepreneurs

Global Temperature Change | 1860 - 2020
Global Temperature Change | 1860 - 2020

An increasingly conscious and deeply influential generation of consumers, employees and investors; a new wave of opportunities ushered in by emerging technologies; and inarguable environmental and climate devastation – a revolutionary, mission-driven economy is mobilizing to re-route the current trajectory.

Today’s current events are only accelerating a deep-rooted awareness of systemic dysfunction and its global call to action – with a pressing demand for innovative, sustainable business models with a positive impact on society & the environment in tow.

This transformation demands a new generation of entrepreneurs to create & implement the building blocks of a new world order.

In this new paradigm, seed entrepreneurs are the kingpins: the bridge between societal call for change & the solutions delivering that change at scale.

These activists driving the evolution of our world’s most pressing issues need a new kind of investor to launch.

Today, impact-driven entrepreneurs can ‘easily’ find financial support to scale. But launching is another story. Visionaries & outside the box thinkers need early capital to build tomorrow’s reality.

The responsibility of launching such impact-minded startups currently rests on the shoulders of a growing community of conscious business angels (who will continue to play a pivotal role in the European impact ecosystem). But as shown by the trajectory of French tech in the 2010s, scaling an ecosystem requires both structure & volume.

That’s where we step in.

Empowering tomorrow’s leaders:


A decade ago, reconciling profit and purpose was, generally speaking, a mere utopian dream. With a growing number of successful mission-driven companies, we at Alliance for Impact are certain that this twofold ambition is indispensable to creating a more virtuous and sustainable economy by facilitating deeper results at scale.


At Alliance for Impact, we commit to catalyze change with our promise to be the launchpad for as many impact entrepreneurs as possible. With our expedited model and the combined power of [early capital + expertise + strong ecosystem], we pledge to accelerate the success & scale of socially responsible leaders, from Day One.


To foster the rise of triple bottom line business models as quickly as possible, Alliance for Impact will finance up to two companies each month – supporting innovation in impactful companies (in mission or operations) with a scalable growth model.

At Alliance for Impact, we believe in a world where innovation is a tool for positive evolution, the foundation to building a sustainable balance between economic growth and positive impact.

We commit to empowering entrepreneurs standing at the intersection of ‘for-profit’ and ‘for-good’, reimagining fairer & more sustainable ‘2.0’s for every sector of the economy.

We believe in the power of well-intentioned entrepreneurs to drive the big transformations our society wants & needs.

A universe adapted to the reality of early-stage entrepreneurship

As impact advocates, it is our responsibility to accelerate the emergence of tomorrow’s leaders and groom the next generation of success stories. Alliance for Impact reconciles these dual ambitions – profits & purpose – through a category-defining structure combining equity-free acceleration (AFI factory) with first-ticket seed funding (AFI ventures).

Decades of experience as former entrepreneurs and seed investors taught us that agility is the key to success at seed stage.

So we’ve built a new type of infrastructure to support our belief. Gone are the days of entrepreneurs shackled by a rigid SRI framework. It’s time for customized frameworks built to meet the unique needs of each entrepreneur, supported by entrepreneur-friendly tools.

Alliance for Impact provides ambitious entrepreneurs the best of both worlds: the codes of growth adapted and repackaged in a format built for impact.

At Alliance for Impact, we support change-makers fighting for smart social and environmental overhaul. From climate action to healthy living, we partner with every visionary that shares the ambition of deep, at-scale impact.

Join our community of activists creating a better tomorrow.