What can I expect when raising with AFI Ventures?

We will usually be followers and agree on your lead investor terms. In specific cases such as small pre-seed rounds (< 500k€) we are able to lead in case we are the sole institutional investor taking part in the round.

How much does AFI Ventures typically invest ?

We can invest up to 500k€ in total however our average ticket size ranges between 150k€ and 250k€.

Do I have to go through AFI Factory to get an investment from AFI Ventures?

No, we can invest in every company, coming from AFI Factory or not.

What’s your investment process like and how long does it take?

We commit ourselves to deliver you an answer within 3 to 4 weeks after we first speak. However, as far as we are willing to fast track the investment process, there are times where we might need slightly more time especially in case of bank holidays and/or during busy periods.

Our investment process is broken down in 4 steps as follow: Initial presentation (Deck/Case review) Due diligence (Market deep dive & business model) Referral checks (calling your customers & stakeholders) Committee (meeting with the rest of the investment team)

Do you have standard legal documents that you like to use?

We will usually follow your lead investor terms however in the (rare) event of us leading the round we will be using our standard term-sheet that you can find here.

What kind of companies are you looking for?

Above all we are looking for inspiring entrepreneurs willing to change the world for a better good; addressing a real problem of our society through an innovative solution producing a positive impact in a big-enough market to reach a critical business size at scale.

Do you invest in specific sectors?

We currently are sector agnostic, however we do put a strong emphasis on the impact your company is able to produce. This notably includes an impact assessment during our investment process.

Do you help companies syndicate their round?

As soon as you reach advanced talks with our investment team you can expect to be introduced to fellow investors of our network as well as business angels of our community if your company is aligned with their interests.

Do you agree to sign NDAs?

We don’t and for obvious reasons.

Do you invest in a specific geography?

We are currently investing in Europe-based companies only. If your company is headquartered in Europe but has operations elsewhere in the world that is not a problem.

Will you be required to sit on the board of my company?

We won’t require a formal board seat as we think our biggest contribution is driven by our community. In some specific cases we might require a board observer seat to keep ourselves up to date with the company’s latest developments.

Do you do follow-on investments?

Yes, we can double down the original invested amount.